Tasmania International Arts Festival '15

Position – Head of Sound. 

"Hamish is one of the most relaxed soundies we have worked with. He operates flawlessly, including on opening night under tough conditions without seeing the show beforehand - no easy task. We’ll put him in a suit next time."
- Brett Haylock. Creative Producer,
La Soirée,
Oliver Award Winner 2015.

As well as working with La Soirée, I also worked alongside many other prestige acts such as Archie Roach, James Morrison, ASTA, Le Gateau Chocolat, Yana AlanaEl Son Entero, Paul D Miller (aka DJ Spooky) Breabach,  plus many more. Visit http://www.tendays.org.au/ for more info. 

Future Music Festival '15, adelaide, austrilia 

Working with Parachute International, we managed logistics along with building a site for a 30,000 capacity arena. This included two stages, a foam pit, and a warehouse hosting the headline act, The Prodigy. Although not directly involved with sound, the job gave me a great insight into the number of people who run the live festival scene worldwide, benefiting my interpersonal skills for future events. 


Fringe World '15 (Australia)

Fringe World is the fourth biggest Fringe festival in the world, based in Perth, Western Australia. 

Sound engineer in De Parel Spiegeltent. Team of four - LX, SM, ASM and SND. 

We had 22 different acts ranging from comedians, burlesque and circus to jazz, funk and variety shows. There were 24 tech rehearsals and the operation of 108 shows within a 31-day period.

Nine of our shows were nominated for the Fringe World '15 Awards. 


Woodford Folk Festival '14/'15  (AUStralia)

Worked the Amphitheatre - a 30,000 capacity venue with headlining acts such as Cat Empire, Sticky Fingers, Shooglenifty and many more. Also hosts the opening and closing ceremonies. 

Amphitheatre, Fire Event - Photo from Woodford Folk Festival Facebook page
Max Ritcher soundcheck 

Max Ritcher soundcheck 


Chris Ekers, who I have worked under previously, requested my involvement with the 
Max Ritcher concert, Vivaldi Recomposed, in the Recital Centre, Melbourne. 

Beautiful sounding room and a total of 76 channels were used.


Filmed and edited by Paul Mahon. 

Electric Picnic '14 (Ireland)

Worked on The Jerry Fish Electric Side Show, a busy venue in the centre of the precinct that often has crowds extended 15-deep outside the tent. 

It's part of a three-day festival with, in total, 20 bands, 18 cabaret acts and and 23 DJs. 

Responsibility was to the tent - keeping acts running to schedule, making sure our crew were fed and watered, liaising with security, keeping track of backline, solving power issues, ruling decisions that involved people's safety and generally making sure people were having a good time.


The Jerry Fish Electric Side Show. 

The Jerry Fish Electric Side Show. 

Palazzo Speigeltent, Edinburgh

Palazzo Speigeltent, Edinburgh


A team of six, consisting of two LX, two stage and two sound, worked together for seven weeks, 15 hours a day, with no days off. It was paramount to support each other, whether it was to take on each other’s roles when routine did not go to plan or to get each other a cup of tea.

Jazz and Blues Festival - over 10 days, we mixed more than 30 bands, mixing FOH and six ways of monitors. Bands ranged from singer-songwriters to 24-piece orchestras, with everything in-between. Craig Gaskin gave me an invaluable lesson in methodology; shaving my sound check time for a eight-piece band down to 12 minutes, which included stage set-up time.

Fringe Festival - Designed and operated 12 different shows, ranging from comedians such as Al Murray, solo acts from Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), to full-blown scale musicals, in the round, in front of our PA system.

Palazzo Speigeltent, Edinburgh


The Believers - Photo by Helen Maybanks 

The Believers - Photo by Helen Maybanks 

Sound designer Carolyn Downing needed a quick and flexible way to give the appearance that sound was moving around a room for this theatre production. It needed to be translated for each venue we moved to, as well as integrating each FOH system. 

This led to a TiMax SoundHub & Qlab integrated infrastructure.

My responsibility resided in ensuring each PA rig was operational and fit for purpose, which included programming TiMax

Qlab was used at the beginning of the signal chain.

TiMax was used at the end of signal chain.

TiMax gives the ability to route any number of input sources through an infinite amount of pre-determined images shaped
over a timeline created within a TiMax cue, making it a very versatile system controller.

Venues ranged from simple spaces requiring 16 speakers to a more complicated set-up requiring the use of 47. 

Carolyn Downing, a sound designer, won the Olivier award for Best Sound Design in 2014.  

Robin Whittaker is a partner in TiMax Outboard. 

An audio press article was released on the 24th October '14 by PSN Europe. 

Play was produced by Frantic Assembly

Lighting designer - Andy Purves 

Set designer - Jon Bausor

Production started January '14, ended May '14. 


London 2012 Olympic ceremonies (L2012C ltd) 

On the job - I was an L2012C swing sound tech for the duration of the L2012C contract. 

Head of Sound at 3 Mills Studios

Managed four rehearsal rooms ranging from 500 - 2000 capacity per room. Complex zoning techniques - allowing four different rehearsals to take place within one environment, which included the transition of microphones to move between each zone. 

Established good working relationships with choreographers, mass movement coordinators and stage management. Ensured updated music was provided, marked cue times with musical content provided and liaised with stage management to produce smooth transitions for a tightly run rehearsal schedule. 

Created a teaching program for sound volunteers to operate zoned playback rehearsals. Coordinated closely with Andy Fugle

Responsible for all headline talent rehearsals that came through 3 Mill Studios. 

Broadcast department, Recording/Playback Audio Engineer 

Recorded dress rehearsals to play back audio for the broadcast mix engineer to practice.

Responsible for monitoring live recordings for both the Olympic and Paralympic closing ceremonies.

Playback Audio engineer at 1:1 rehearsal site.

Received audio playback instructions from stage management or show caller. Applied correct signal flow routing and was cued on command. 

Sound Desginer - Bobby Aitken

Senior Audio Production Manager - Chris Ekers 

Special thanks to Bobby Aitken for suppling me with photographs.

2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony was watched by an estimated 750 million world wide.