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Hamish Bamford

Sound engineer  


Internationally Recognised. 

Hamish Bamford works on sound projects across the world, from the UK, the Netherlands and Serbia, all the way to Australia. 

He is a Scottish fellow recognised as a skilled sound engineer, including his distinctive way of managing a stage. 

His ethos is to understand the background of projects and learn from the people he's working with.

"My colleagues and I all work in this industry because we love it. I believe it's important not to tread on people's toes. I like to be the middle-man who identifies the workload, difficulties, and then acts to bridge the gap between colleagues, creating a comfortable work environment where we can learn, teach and have fun."

Hamish has worked for a number of highly acclaimed sound designers – Gareth Owen (Olivier award winner '14), Carolyn Downing (Olivier award winner '14), Ed Clarke (Olivier award nominee '12), Bobby Aitken (2012 London Olympics ceremonies), and many colleagues and friends who revolve around similar festival circuits.