The Believers - Photo by Helen Maybanks 

The Believers - Photo by Helen Maybanks 

Sound designer Carolyn Downing needed a quick and flexible way to give the appearance that sound was moving around a room for this theatre production. It needed to be translated for each venue we moved to, as well as integrating each FOH system. 

This led to a TiMax SoundHub & Qlab integrated infrastructure.

My responsibility resided in ensuring each PA rig was operational and fit for purpose, which included programming TiMax

Qlab was used at the beginning of the signal chain.

TiMax was used at the end of signal chain.

TiMax gives the ability to route any number of input sources through an infinite amount of pre-determined images shaped
over a timeline created within a TiMax cue, making it a very versatile system controller.

Venues ranged from simple spaces requiring 16 speakers to a more complicated set-up requiring the use of 47. 

Carolyn Downing, a sound designer, won the Olivier award for Best Sound Design in 2014.  

Robin Whittaker is a partner in TiMax Outboard. 

An audio press article was released on the 24th October '14 by PSN Europe. 

Play was produced by Frantic Assembly

Lighting designer - Andy Purves 

Set designer - Jon Bausor

Production started January '14, ended May '14.